Light The Sacred Fire Within

with Julie Piatt (SriMati)

December 14, 3pm PST
YouTube + Instagram

Join SriMu founder Julie Piatt (SriMati) for an expansive journey - making creative and beautiful cheeseboards, while offering life guidance on how to navigate the experiences that the holiday season may bring our way. 

Topics that will be discussed... 

✶ Safe transition of our loved ones
✶ Alignment & Boundaries
✶ Ritual & Nourishment

What you will walk away with... 

✶ Ignited fire within
✶ Top tips and tricks on how to build your own EPIC cheese boards
✶ Tools and teachings to greet the holidays 

Safe transition of our loved ones 

We are in a time of planetary transformation where many of our loved ones (family members, pets, colleagues, community members) have taken exit. When we are facing death it can be difficult to know what to do. Let’s take a moment to wrap our loved ones in love and prayer for safe passage.  

Alignment & Boundaries

When entering the holiday season many feel the weight of expectations and traditions. How can we guard our precious inner fire when stepping into the season of holiday gatherings? How can we embody our authentic life print and draw experiences to us that are aligned, while in the midst of the holiday season? Julie gives us useful tips on how to navigate this sometimes sticky terrain. 

Ritual & Nourishment

While the winter holiday season is a dark time of year, it is some of the most potent time for deep ritual. How can we explore a life of ritual that is nourishing and supportive? Julie will talk about how the sacred fire has been kept at the heart of the home for millennia. She will explore how to prepare food with intention, blessing the food and those who will eat it. She guides us to experiencing food as ritual and how to fully receive the deep blessing of food - among many other things.   

When and where is this event?

This holiday event is virtual, so you can join from wherever you are! Once you sign up you will be emailed a link with the details of how to join on December 14th, at 3pm PST.

Can’t attend live? No problem.
Everyone who signs up will receive a recorded video of the event.