Inspired by Camembert, infused with truffle

Elegant. Wise. Transportive.

It doesn’t get more decadent than Bertie. 

Our hero plantbased cheese, embodies French flair. Bertie transmits the intimate bustle of a Parisian Bistro. Ancient and progressive, Bertie honors old world cheese making with new world perspective.

Inspired by Camembert infused with truffle, this beauty is elegant, woodsy and aromatic - a sensory masterpiece.

Ingredients: Organic cashews, water, organic coconut oil, truffle oil, organic Irish moss, sea salt, cultures.

ACTIVATED: The hero of cheese boards, secret sauce in your fettuccine alfredo and the most luxurious risotto. 


Inspired by a classic Cheddar Ball, infused with smokey red pepper

Commune. Connect. Unite.

Bonfire, inspires us to gather around the communal sacred fire. 

Our most heartfelt intentions have been born around the fire in our kitchens. It is where the sacred flame has been kept and tended by women and feminine guardians throughout the ages.  

Come together. Connect with all you love. Come Home. 

Not your grandma’s cheese ball, this evolution is almonds elevated with an infusion of smoke and red pepper, Bonfire embodies nostalgic comfort food with worldly flair.

Ingredients: Organic almonds, organic roasted red peppers (roasted red pepper, water, salt, citric acid), water, nutritional yeast ((dried yeast, niacin (vitamin B3), pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), thiamin hydrochloride (vitamin B1), riboflavin (vitamin B2), folic acid, cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12)), organic garlic powder, liquid smoke (water, natural hickory smoke flavor), sea salt.

ACTIVATED: Spread on your favorite toasts or artisanal crackers. Layer in your veggie tacos for a bit of fire roasted flavor. Create a flavor packed veggie burger (recipe in our Recipe tab).


Inspired by Mozzarella, cashew clouds floating in crystal salted waters

Euphoria. Freedom. Eternity.

Cloud 9, a state of pure bliss. Our star plantbased cheese, evokes the perfect day. You rise. You bear witness to all life + beauty around you. Blue skies, birds chirping, bees buzzing, breeze drifting. You know how it feels.

Wellsprings of fertility, of life-giving rain. Clouds activate us, our earth. 

A plant rich cheese homage to Italian Mozzarella, Cloud 9 floats in crystal salted waters and is soft, creamy and divine.

Ingredients: Organic cashews, purified water, organic coconut oil, modified tapioca starch, agar, sea salt, vinegar, calcium chloride.

ACTIVATED: The soul in your caprese salad, layered on sun-kissed tomatoes with aromatic fresh basil and a drizzle of balsamic glaze, or use as the most divine cream cheese spread.


Inspired by Classic Brie

Wisdom. Awe. Being.

Elder, our most subtle offering. 

Inspired by the journey of life, the blessings, gifts and lessons that present themselves. The magnetism we come to know, to trust. An easing of will. A life that meets you.  

Inspired by a classic Brie, Elder is mild, creamy and sublime because less is more.

Ingredients: Organic cashews, water, organic coconut oil, organic Irish moss, sea salt, cultures.

ACTIVATED: A lovely partner to black cured herb olives, roasted whole root veggies and  fresh steamy baked artisan breads.


Everything Bagel inspired, garlic and onion infused

Comfort. Love. Family.

Everything about SriMu Everything brings comfort, eliciting a cozy morning with loved ones enjoying the perfect breakfast. Everything flavor is now available in our Eternal Box.

Inspired by an everything bagel paired with the perfect cashew cream cheese, this flavor creates an experience of universal love. The perfect wheel to enjoy with loved ones, especially our precious children. Live in the moment while spreading SriMu and spreading gratitude.

Ingredients: Organic cashews, water, organic coconut oil, organic Irish moss, organic everything bagel seasoning (sesame seeds, garlic, onion, black sesame seeds, poppy seeds), organic onion powder, sea salt, cultures.

ACTIVATED: Enjoy classically on a warm bagel, freshly baked baguette, or artisanal crackers. Stack with sliced tomatoes, thin rounds of red onion, fresh cracked black pepper, fresh herbs, and finishing salt. Or let it soften and whisk in some plant milk and chopped herbs and serve with a crudités platter.


Pepper Jack inspired, chili and garlic infused

Spark. Creativity. Passion.

One bite of Fire ignites the creative spark that is innate within each of us. Fire brings forth a renewed energy, allowing us the opportunity to recognize the cycles of life, while meeting them with peace and awareness. Feeling inspired, we embrace life’s challenges with an elevated perspective.

Inspired by Pepper Jack, this flavor is perfect for adding that extra spiciness to your meal or cheeseboard.

Ingredients: Organic cashews, water, organic coconut oil, organic Irish moss, organic red pepper flakes, organic garlic powder, organic apple cider vinegar, sea salt, cultures.

ACTIVATED: Spread on your favorite sandwich, blend into a sauce and pour over homemade enchiladas or over pasta topped with cilantro and pico de gallo. 


Inspired by Gouda, smoke + turmeric infused

Catalyze. Experience. Evolve.

This nostalgic offering evokes fond memories and flavors of classic childhood favorites enjoying ham and cheese sandwiches at a park with our cherished family. Evolved to be every bit as delicious as what we remember, while simultaneously nourishing all life.

Inspired by Smoked Gouda, Gold Alchemy offers a transformation into all that is precious and sacred. The ancient knowledge of the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric + black pepper are infused into each wheel, bringing you home.

Ingredients: Organic cashews, water, organic coconut oil, organic Irish moss, organic turmeric, liquid smoke (water, natural hickory smoke flavor), sea salt, black pepper, cultures.

ACTIVATED: Return to your childhood by spreading on a piece of artisanal bread topped with butter lettuce. Blend with almond milk and pour over enchiladas, bean burgers,or serve as an irresistible dip. Stir into hot pasta for the ultimate smoky mac 'n cheese.


Sweet Gorgonzola inspired, lemon infused

Purity. Goodness. Truth.

Dolce Vita and Imagine, are creamy lemon infused wheels, brings you to this moment. We are reminded of the innate, sacred power that resides within all of us. Each bite elicits a presence as you fall deeper in love with your true essence. Grace surrounds you now.

Inspired by Sweet Gorgonzola, these plant rich cheeses are elevated even further with an infusion of Blue Anima Mundi Butterfly Pea Powder. The flavor radiates into every aspect of our being. Choose Imagine, available as a 4oz wheel in our Eternal box, for an awakening of the senses. Dolce Vita, available in 8oz wheels gives us more of the divine flavor that we love.

Ingredients: Organic cashews, organic coconut milk, organic coconut oil, water, organic Irish moss, blue butterfly pea powder, sea salt, organic lemon juice, cultures.

ACTIVATED: Achieve the perfect risotto by melting Dolce Vita in right before serving. Use as the filling for the finest ravioli. Add into desserts like cheesecake for a sweet, dreamy treat. 


Infused with garlic, marbled with spirulina

Time. Travel. Remember.

Spire, an invitation to remember who you are.  

With reverence for our journey, we embody the branches of our many paths symbolized in the earth’s majestic trees. Spire reminds of the fluidity of time, with roots in the future, the branches of our simultaneous selves meeting in unity for a directed purpose.  

A bridge to the many ways in which we co-create life, Spire celebrates the origins of life and a future where we are living in harmony, interconnected. ONE. 

Inspired by a classic Blue, Spire is infused with the rich minerality of Anima Mundi Spirulina, this beauty is creative and full of lively flavor. 

Ingredients: Organic cashews, water, organic coconut oil, nutritional yeast ((dried yeast, niacin (vitamin B3), pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), thiamin hydrochloride (vitamin B1), riboflavin (vitamin B2), folic acid, cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12)), organic garlic powder, organic Irish moss, organic spirulina, sea salt, cultures.

ACTIVATED: Pairs seamlessly in seasonal salads - fresh vibrant greens with edible flowers and toasted candied walnuts, or as the base for a perfect blue cheese dressing.



Chocolate Mousse Cake

Celebration. Connection. Ceremony.

SriMu’s debut cashew mousse cake! Named for none other than the tour photographer for Portugal. The Man, Maclay Heriot. (He also photographed our first cookbook! The Plantpower Way).

I created this recipe especially for his birthday on sunny California day. My affection and gratitude for all Maclay captures amplified the ingredients into something unequivocally magical.

You’ll swoon over the taste profile. It’s artful, creative, lively, ceremonial and young. Agave sweetened cashews and coconut cream - infused with ceremonial cacao and spiced with cinnamon and a dusting of cayenne. 

Ingredients: Cashews, walnuts, coconut milk, agave, dates, cacao nibs, cinnamon, coconut oil, salt, cayenne pepper. 

ACTIVATED: Savor each bite as the flavors develop in waves that surprise and delight. Happy Birthday to us all.